The Job Nobody Dreams Of: 
Guaranteed Job Course

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  • Are you unemployed or in a dead-end job with no future?
  • Or maybe you are living paycheck to paycheck, wondering what the future holds for you and your family?
  • You have no peace of mind, and it feels like your life sucks.

    The Job Nobody Dreams Of course is the prescription for a career that sucks!

    In just 90-days you can get a job that pays well and gives you a future you can be proud of…GUARANTEED!! "I'm serious. I guarantee that if you take this course and follow the simple steps, you will have your first sales job within 90 days (or less) or your money back!"

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    What Our Learners Are Saying

    The Job Nobody Dreams Of course is giving me a future that I never thought possible. As someone with a record, my options for a good job were very limited. Going into sales is giving me the income, future and dignity that I never thought possible. I like the fact that you have a variety of sources to learn from instead of just yourself. Thank you for throwing your sense of humor all through it which makes it more intriguing and laid back, giving each individual their own space to find their own pace to do this self-study course.
    Tabitha C
    Bill’s course will change my life. The steps made so much sense and made it easy to understand the process and why a particular step was necessary. I will be able to stop the madness of working crazy hours in retail and Doordashing on the side. Having a regular 9 to 6 schedule with weekends off and the income to not have to worry about money, and to live a lifestyle I enjoy will be a dream come true.
    George m
    Bill’s book and course holds VALUABLE lessons for anyone aspiring to excel in their career. The narrative skillfully imparts wisdom with a dose of humor that makes it enjoyable and relatable. The Job Nobody Dreams Of is a source of inspiration. Its lessons, if applied thoughtfully, have the potential to reshape your approach and contribute to a more prosperous career. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your wisdom and experience!

    You are guaranteed to land your first sales job!

    I am so confident that my course will help you get your first sales job that I am offering a full money back guarantee. If you do the work and don’t get hired, I will refund all your money.*

    What do you have to lose…other than dreading going to work each day or the anxiety of an uncertain future.
    Take control of your life and your future, hit the sign-up button and let's get started!

    Learn step-by-step how to land your first sales job, regardless of the industry and whether or not the company is even hiring!
    If you are unemployed or underemployed, living paycheck-to-paycheck and concerned about your future, life pretty much sucks. Bill Becker has been there, but he created a successful sales career that changed his life, and you can too.

    If you are concerned about how you are going to support yourself and your family, you need to take a look at a career in sales. Learn how a career in sales can give the income, respect and peace of mind you deserve.

    The Job Nobody Dreams Of book dispelled many of the myths about sales and salespeople and offered insights into the strategies for landing your first sales job and creating a successful career.

    This course goes one step further -- and walks you through, step by step, the exact process you'll go through to get a great-paying job in sales in 90 days or less ... guaranteed!

    More Kudos for The Job Nobody Dreams Of

    Bill’s book consumed me from the very start, with its hard-hitting and captivating writing approach. I worked in Sales and now manage Sales reps and this book is phenomenal for learning how to be better at both. For anyone considering a career within this field, I could not recommend the book and the course more highly.
    JASON p
    He talks in plain language and offers useful strategies for not only getting the job but also how to be a great salesperson and top producer. For those in the early stages of their career or later in life unfulfilled and paycheck lackluster, consider reading this great 'why sales' and 'how-to' on achieving a successful and fulfilling career in sales.
    Bill Becker is thorough, personable, and authentic. I loved his organized layout and his relatable content. No one can recommend more.
    LILY P
    Bill shares the experiences he used to create a career that resulted in an annual six-figure income with The Job Nobody Dreams Of self-study course. 
    • Learn first-hand how Bill landed different sales jobs throughout his career.

    • Learn how to research industries and potential employers, as well as how to approach decision makers who can say, “Yes!”
    • Learn how to decide WHAT to sell! Turn your passion into a paycheck.

    • Learn how to target the person who can hire you on the spot! Spoiler alert…it’s not HR.

    • Learn how to craft your message on why YOU should be hired, even though you have no sales experience! 

    • Discover the steps to make you successful once you are hired!

    What Do You Get?

    You will learn how to research industries and potential employers. You will learn the step-by-step
    process of deciding which company to apply to and how to get in front of someone who can say, “Yes!”

    You will also learn how to land a sales job with a company even if they aren’t hiring! 

    13 Total Lessons!

    Every lesson contains a lecture and additional resources. Each lesson also contains homework assignments to make sure your efforts pay off. 

    Live Q&A Session

    You have questions - Bill has answers! Each month Bill will host a live session to answer your questions and brainstorm ideas. 


    There will also be guest speakers from different industries to share advice and their experience to someone entering that field. 

    Community Section

    Network with other students to practice and share ideas. Learn from fellow students what worked and what didn't work for them in their job hunt. 

    Accountability Buddy

    If you are interested, you can also be assigned an Accountability Buddy to help support you and keep you on track.
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    Frequently asked questions

    You said in the sales video we don’t need the course…so why sign up?

    I did say that!

    Everything is in the book on how to go out and get your first sales job, even if you don’t have any experience (or the company isn’t hiring salespeople!).

    However, if you want a detailed process that lays out the exact steps to take, why you should take them and when to take them, the course is perfect for you!

    If you want ongoing support, with live monthly meetings and the ability to work with other students and be assigned an Accountability Buddy, the course is the way to go!

    What is Included in Each Lesson?

    Each module has a lecture, some study notes & resources and a homework assignment. There’s a PDF transcript for each lecture you can print off and read.

    Once you submit your homework assignment…there’s a little quiz. You can’t unlock the next lesson until you do all the work in the preceding lesson. There’s a reason I chose to structure my course like this. This course is different. This course is about your life. This course will help determine your future and the future of those you love. There are no shortcuts and I want to make sure you follow the process that worked for me numerous times over my career. 

    How Does the Money Back Guarantee Work?

    It’s simple, complete the first 10 lessons & homework assignments and prove you did all the work. We will personally mentor you for an additional 30 days and if you still didn’t land your first sales job we will refund your money, no questions asked.

    How Long Does the Course Take to Complete?

    There are 13 lessons total, but only the first 10 lessons are needed to land your first sales job. The other three lessons cover what you should do right after you are hired and tips to make sure you shine in your first few months as a professional salesperson.

    If you aren’t working, then obviously you can go through the lessons more quickly than if you are working and have to study around your work schedule. There’s no right or wrong pace.

    You should be able to do the first 3 lessons in a week or two. Lesson 4 in a week and lessons 5 & 6 in a week or so. Meaning…you could easily be halfway there in just a month!